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Thomm Coney

Thomm Coney the main protagonist of the series, he is the world wealthiest man and the man behind the plan to search the stars for an inhabitable planet for humans.


Thomm is the son of a wealthy buisness man and an heiress. Having grown up with everything giving to him, he became an arrogant spoiled playboy. He was, however, heavily influenced by his grandmother who knew that earth would not be able to support human life for much longer and thus began forming plans to venture out into space and find somewhere new for human bings to live. This lead to him funding a space program for him and a select few to journey into space to find better things.

Thomm's personality is somewhat like what one would expect from the son of an incredibly wealthy family. Most of Thomms life he has been handed whatever his heart desires and being so spoiled has affected his personality to a degree. He expects things to go his way as he plans them and anything else is seen as a massive let down or failure. He can be selfish and demanding at times but at others can be compassionate and understanding of others. Thomm shows a deep love of those close to him and a willingness to make things right once wronged.